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Istagram Premade Templates

Do you love  insta  post templates. I have something new for you. Would you like  to use these four premade  PSD  templates  with torn papers and cardboards. Please note, that any text and font  you have to add by yourself. The templates are  well designed  with warm tone  and harmony colors.
I have already included some images from Unsplash.
With the download you will have:
1  Vertical cardboard.
1  Horizontal cardboard.
2  Shadows layers.
4 Torn papers for notes or photocards.
5 Changeable background colors with overlay textures.
I love a script font I used. Note please that free version of Winston-Andrews-Script-Font is not for commercial use.
1543HumaneJenson is a font I took from open resources.

File Format: 4 PSD (+ preview jpg files)
Layers: yes
Dimensions: 1250×1250 px/300 dpi.
File Size: zip 127 MB

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