How to Get a Color Palette for your Creative Business

Of course if you are a web owner you  must have a brand  look. It  can be an original logotype  and colors that  help you be recognizable through your text, graphics  and images. Think about it before to start a website or blog. Even if you are already have  one remember that each color has got it’s own power and a embarrassing  scheme can destroy all your plan to attract readers to your blog. Try to experiment  with two main colors and  accent one.

To understand what I am talking about it enough to take a look  around at different creative sources like  tekstil,  interior or weddings photography, graphics and simply catch best decisions out of that.  Before I started running my web site I   liked to save pictures  that could inspire  me to create color palettes  for later.
Now before I get inspired to create a new color scheme  I simply screenshot a picture with colors I like or take a photo  of physical  attractive pieces. I may usually like to go out  and  to take pictures of trees, grass, sky and flowers.
There are really so many ways to create your own color palette or find the final color palette  result.

That is why I want to guide you through popular  color  inspiration resources and tools.

Color generator

Wnen you have a photography use a  simple tools that let you  get a ready color palette in no time at all. One of them is Canva. I liked this tool because it  really generates  a good combination with 5 colors, which you can see right on  your  smartphone screen  with hexadecimal numbers. You can make a screen shoot or copy numbers to paste into your editor. Upload  here a photo.

Collect and create

Simply save and collect images, textures, graphics.  I do like to make a search on Unsplash and Rawpixel. I use  theme boards if I want to save a photo for later.
It is good to collect material  you like and create  moodboards or collage. Moodboards are very helpful to make you feel what colors are yours. If you  love doing  it use professional templates or ask help to  collect materials for  moodboards feathering your brand.

Get inspired

Where to search for new color palette inspiration. Everywhere! Try to explore creative creators.

Letterhend is  a popular font creator but  in how they present their piece of work can inspire me and maybe you too.

Spoonflower market place selling  creative  prints on  fabrics, wallpaper and other  interior materials.  Katherine from New Zealand use  color schemes of her artistic visions.

Do you  know Pinterest is always a perfect tool to find  ready palettes generated by photos.
Follow these links or search for boards by  typing color palettes: Tekstil of India , Akula kreative ,
Let me inspire you  too  with variety of photo images, vector images and backgrounds and a  template in vector. Based on  modern colors blush and ochra. Get a free  vector file to download now.

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