Hi friends. I name is Julia.
I am a long time graphic designer but now a content creator and a author of this site Juliacertain.

In 2017 I   realized I wanted to be an independent graphic artist. Everything began when I opened a pinterest account to be up to date with ideas and inspirations.
At the same time I knew only a name of my current web site, I registered my domain still having no clear understanding what I should do with this. Only thanks to my strong faith I could pass all the way through, a hard but amazing work put a start for building my own project step by step. And so…. how I were proud of myself when a one year ago I had a working site on WordPress:

  • on  the child theme with a lot of  additional code;
  • filled with downloadables for a start ;
  • powered by only necessary instruments  I tested for my goals.

Let me say guys:
Welcome to my own resource place for creative people where I  give access to download free and premium graphics, ….. could have there something else be better?
What can make me happy now? Only one thing – stand by with me and with my product and ideas. And I will do my best to  create and post only best quality graphics.
Looking for PSD templates and Mockups? It is the most pleasant part of work for me, although sometimes it really takes long time to create something new!
I know how much the artist or designer wants to showcase his artwork in the most attractive way.So as for me it is also very important thing.
I also would like to follow you through nice web design tools very soon.

Let’s get connected on the social media:

In the mean time you can write me and ask your question. Contact me here.

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